My 3 Favorite Social Media Secret Weapons

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There is no doubt that Social Media management can be a daunting task if you don't have the adequate tools to make your life easier. Today i wanted to take a quick second to tell you about three of my secret weapons I voluntarily can't live without. These three tools make navigating social media and managing my business online so much easier. I will give you a quick overview of each and then encourage you to go check these tools out and use them to further your business and make more money online. 

1. MailChimp -

Mailchimp is software used to hold your email database and marketing platform all in one. I use Mailchimp as an inexpensive location to hold my email list as well send out newsletters and automated emails to my audience. Mailchimp is easy to use and give me great analytics so I know if my marketing efforts are working. I can create beautiful emails inside of Mailchimp and I don't need to know code or anything complicated. It really doesn't get any easier.  The best part about Mailchimp is you get your first 2000 email subscribers absolutely free, so it doesn't cost you any money as you grow your business. Statistics say that each person on your email list is worth about $1, so you should be making money using your email list before you ever have to pay Mailchimp for their service.


2. Burst -

 Burst is an incredible website where you can find amazing stock photos for your website or social media platforms. Finding crisp, clean, amazing photos is essential for marketing or banding on the internet. There is no doubt that customers are attracted to bright, clear, clean photos. It can get really expensive to create these pictures on your own, however this website has thousands of pictures that will look great on your website and or social media. Find pictures of children, fashion, photography, business, friends, etc. This website is life saver when you are in need of good photos, and trust me with social media you are constantly in need of good photos.

3. Canva -

Canva is by far my favorite tool on the internet. I use canva for about 90% of my graphic design needs. This a dynamic tool and it will completely change your graphic design life. In minutes you can have graphic ready for facebook, instagram, tumblr etc. Canva already knows the dimensions on these sites and gives you amazing templates for each platform. You can create PDF's and send them to customers online. You can create images for your newletters and social media platforms or your website. Canva is simply just a fun website and its free to use.

Here are my favorite tools for social media. Need more information? Sign up for my Social Media Masterclass. I will teach you about other great tools and strategies used to grow your brand or business online.

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